Carfagna’s Kitchen is the Best Columbus Italian Family Restaurant

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Long known in Columbus for their grocery store specializing in fresh meats and Italian foods, the Carfagna family opened their first restaurant in the Polaris area in the late 2000s.

Featuring a wide array of traditionally cooked Italian fare, Carfagna’s Kitchen is a must visit for fans of the cuisine.

The Combo Meals are the Way to Go at Carfagna’s Kitchen

The menu at Carfagna’s Kitchen sports a great combo meal option called “Pick Two Meals.” The allows diners to sample the variety of Italian delights on the docket, including pastas, salads, as well as mini subs and sandwiches. All are top rank.

Orders are taken at the front counter, while a waitress delivers the food when its ready.

Carfagna's Kitchen's Pasta and Salad.

A pasta dish along with salad at Columbus Ohio’s Carfagna’s Kitchen.

In addition to the combo meals, the Carfagna’s Kitchen menu includes pizzas, calzones, paninis, wraps and subs. Full size pasta dishes also highlight the options.  The Italian Sausage sub in both mini-form and full-size features that same famous Carfagna’s Italian Sausage popular in Columbus since 1937.

A full-service bar resides on the premises, so diners can enjoy their meal with a glass of fine wine.

Carfagnas Kitchen Interior

The ordering counter at Carfagna’s Kitchen.

Visitors to Columbus searching for some fine Italian fare need look no farther than Carfagna’s Kitchen. The Carfagna family has been feeding Central Ohio since the 1930s, so let them serve your family as well!

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