Clifton Mill Blends Dining with Ohio History

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Clifton Mill remains a place that all history buffs need to check out. Located close to Clifton Gorge in Southwestern Ohio, a visit to this area is perfect for combining some hiking at the Gorge and John Bryan State Park, along with a meal at Clifton Mill’s restaurant. Afterwards, stop by nearby Yellow Springs to walk off lunch, pet Mr. Eko at Dark Star Books, and maybe even run into Dave Chappelle.

Hearkening back to the first days of Ohio statehood, the first mill in Clifton was built way back in 1803.

The Clifton Mill Pancakes will Fill You Up!

Although they feature both a breakfast and lunch menu, the hearty pancakes at Clifton Mill are great for “carbing-up” before a hike. The restaurant features different varieties as well, including Pumpkin. As seen below, one can even pair up two different pancakes simultaneously!

Clifton Mill Pancakes

Two pancakes on one white plate; I be eating food with no delay.

The restaurant’s lunch menu is also solid, featuring an array of comfort food. Make sure you explore the grounds of the mill; history lurks in Clifton, Ohio. The gift shop is also worth checking out.

The Clifton Mill and their Famous Christmas Lights

Some locals know Clifton Mill primarily for their famous Christmas light display, sporting 3.5 million lights. The Black Friday lighting ceremony is very popular in the area, so make plans for a visit at that time if  you don’t mind crowds.

Clifton Mill

Clifton Mill is one of Ohio’s best places to visit.

Clifton Mill uniquely combines history, dining, and nearby hiking opportunities. It is definitely one of the most interesting spots in Ohio. Finish off a day trip with a stop by Crabill’s Burgers in nearby Urbana for dinner or a snack.

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