Even Michael Symon Loves Elyria’s Midway Oh Boy

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Elyria Ohio’s Midway Oh Boy restaurant is a classic American burger joint, with a signature sandwich — the “Oh Boy” — featuring a unique mayo-based sauce. It’s kind of like a Big Boy, but with a tastier burger.

Iron Chef and fellow Cleveland area native, Michael Symon loves the Oh Boy, especially their Hillbilly Hot Dog.

Midway Oh Boy Burger

The signature “Oh Boy” sandwich at Elyria’s Midway Oh Boy restaurant.


One of Ohio’s Best Burgers

The Oh Boy ranks among Ohio’s best roadfood burgers, a status arguably held by Urbana’s Crabill’s Hamburgers. Still the Midway Oh Boy is a full-size burger compared to Crabill’s slider.

The Elyria restaurant also features a full diner-like menu that sometimes features the world class delicacy known as Lake Erie Perch. Symon’s favorite, the Hillbilly Hot Dog, covers an all beef frank with the Midway’s homemade cole slaw and chili.

Inside the Midway Oh Boy Restaurant

The Midway Oh Boy sports a diner-like appearance and menu.

While the full menu features many intriguing items, the double-decker burger is the star of the Midway Oh Boy, as it has been since the place opened in 1953. When visiting the west side suburbs of Cleveland, plan to make a visit.

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