Hot Dog Heaven Remains an Amherst Ohio Tradition

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Hot Dog Heaven continues to delight the North Coast locale known as Amherst Ohio with hot dogs as well as some of the best hand-cut french fries in the Midwest.

A trip to Amherst and the HDH for lunch followed up by a visit to Elyria’s Midway Oh Boy Restaurant for dinner is a Lorain County roadfood day trip worth experiencing.

Hot Dog Heaven Rockin’ the Tube Steak for Nearly 40 Years

Hot Dog Heaven first opened in 1976. In fact, this Catholic boy remembers well stopping by HDH for lunch on the way home any time the Nuns gave us a half-day of vacation — so at least once or twice! Owner Jack O’Flanagan looks like he hasn’t aged since the mid 70s as well. Schlepping frankfurters everyday for 36 years must be good for the soul.

Four Hot Dogs, Fries and Two Pepsis.

Four Hot Dogs, Fries and Two Pepsi-colas from Amherst Ohio’s Hot Dog Heaven.

An array of the standard hot dog toppings are available at Hot Dog Heaven — just make sure you order some fries, which are truly the reason for a visit. They are world class!

Kielbasa (it is Northeastern Ohio after all),  burgers, and fish also highlight the menu, but the hot dogs and fries are HDH’s Raison d’être. Did I mention the french fries?

Seriously though, sandstone may have shaped Amherst’s 200 year history, but Hot Dog Heaven remains a worthy reason to visit one of Ohio’s coolest small towns and a “land that would nourish a lot of space rock activity” according to the All Music Guide.


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