Marino’s Seafood is Still the Best Fast Food Fish and Chips in Columbus

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When I was younger, Arthur Treacher’s was my favorite place to eat. I seem to remember one in Lorain, close to the Burger King on Leavitt Road. It was across from the Sound Sensations record store where I discovered Hawkwind back in high school.


Little did I know that the Arthur Treacher’s chain got its start in Columbus, just like Wendy’s and a host of other fast food restaurants. There was one Arthur Treacher’s on West 5th Ave that I frequented soon after moving to Columbus for college.

After a year or so that Arthur’s was replaced by Marino’s Seafood. Thankfully, the fish and chips remained the same.

Marinos Fish and Chips Sign

The Marino’s Seafood sign reflects its history as an Arthur Treacher’s. Photo – Copyright Marino’s Seafood.

The Best Fish and Chips in Columbus?

It seems Marino’s now offers All You Can Eat Fish and Chips from 4PM – 7PM Monday through Thursday and all day Saturday. There’s no way they can do the same on Friday; there are too many Catholics in the Tri-Village area!

Marinos Fish and Chips

Marino’s Fish and Chips still delight after all these years. Photo – Copyright Marino’s Seafood.

I can’t really call them the Best Fish and Chips in Columbus — The Old Bag of Nails holds that crown — but they are easily the best fast food fish and chips one can buy in Ohio’s Capital City. They do a fine job of scratching that old Arthur Treacher’s itch.

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  1. Nat
    June 20, 2014 at 10:11 PM

    Fantastic pub fish and chips! Excellent service! We went to the Worthington location.

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