Nazareth Restaurant has the Best French Fries in Columbus

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Nazareth Restaurant and Deli is probably the restaurant we miss the most in Columbus. Greek and Mediterranean options in the Bluegrass region are pretty limited indeed!

Nazareth, in addition to their full menu of Gyros and Shawarmas, features the best hand-cut french fries in the Columbus area. These spuds rival those from Amherst’s Hot Dog Heaven.

Watch Out for Hany’s Baseball Bat!

Nazareth owner, Hany Baransi, also having great taste in American Space Rock, carries a baseball bat around his establishment to ensure his guests are enjoying their Mediterranean delights. Learn to duck!

Nazareth Deli's Chicken Shawarma and Fries

The Chicken Shawarma and Fries delight at Columbus’s Nazareth Restaurant and Deli.

Surprisingly, considering his good taste in music, Hany is a Cincinnati Bengals fan, but we still visit Nazareth anyway. The food is that good!

The Nazareth Dinner Menu is Also Top Rank

Although I tend to order a sandwich and fries combo when visiting Nazareth, there are other menu items worth mentioning. The hummus is excellent, and comes served with warm pita bread.

The spicy chicken and rice is also especially worthwhile; my choice when not doing the shawarma. When served with lentils it becomes one of Angela’s favorites.

Nazareth Spicy Chicken and Rice

Nazareth Restaurant’s excellent Spicy Chicken and Rice with Lentils.

One good sign for a restaurant is seeing folks from another food joint visiting for lunch. We saw the folks from Route 62 BBQ enjoying Nazareth during one of our stops.

When visiting Columbus, make plans to stop at Nazareth Restaurant and Deli for great food, great fries, and some batting practice!

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  1. February 15, 2013 at 9:48 AM

    You can go there to try the best rated fries in the area, but the owner carries a baseball bat so you better enjoy them! Thanks for sharing.

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