Angry About the NHL Lockout? Start Your Own League with Franchise Hockey Manager!

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Well, it looks like the acute stupidity known as the NHL Lockout is finally nearing its end. Some fans aren’t even planning on watching the league this year; opting instead for a NHL Boycott. Soon, there will be another way to get one’s hockey fix — on the PC or Mac instead of the ice.

A new hockey league simulator from the folks behind the excellent Out of the Park Baseball series is slated to hit the desktop early this year. Franchise Hockey Manager allows gamers to run their own hockey organization or league, and features the same attention to detail that is the hallmark of Out of the Park Baseball.

Franchise Hockey Manager Feature List

Just in time for the holidays, Out of the Park Developments announced a robust initial feature list for FHM 2013.

  • Windows and Mac support
  • Two game modes: Modern and Historical
  • 2012-13 game start with these playable leagues: NHL, AHL, ECHL, QMJHL, WHL, OHL, KHL, DEL, Elitserien and EIHL
  • Over 1,000 teams, comprising nearly 100 leagues, that are non-playable but are stocked with real players
  • Start any NHL season from 1947-48 through today, with players appearing on their actual teams or in a draft
  • Real stats, finances, and rules
  • Detailed player model with over 30 skills in 5 main categories
  • Trades, player transfers, RFA/UFA signings, and more
  • Set lines and tactics and make changes on the fly during games that feature a huge, editable play-by-play database
  • News engine featuring a database packed with thousands of articles
  • Stat keeping, including CORSI and Fenwick
  • Almost everything is editable, from logos and colors to data to league rules and more

The fact that one can start any NHL season back to 1947 with the game progressing seamlessly from season to season is a great feature. In Out of the Park Baseball, I am currently playing an OOTP game running the Cleveland Indians that started in 1920, with the hopes of ensuring the New York Yankees never win a World Series. I’m currently finishing up the 1921 season — so far, so good!

Franchishe Hockey Manager Screenshot

FHM 2013 features a robust attention to detail. Copyright Out of the Park Developments.

Considering the utter incompetency of the Columbus Blue Jackets since their birth earlier this century, I can’t wait to get my hands on FHM 2013, so I can set things right — at least in my imagination! Expect a full review of Franchise Hockey Manager when it hits the market!

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