Quarkspace re-Release Drop in FLAC on Bandcamp

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It’s been about 11 years since my band, Quarkspace, released our third album Drop for free. It is available on CD-R with every order from our label, Eternity’s Jest Records, and in MP3 format on our website.

Given the continued growth of broadband adoption by the public, lossless audio formats like FLAC have become more popular with music listeners. Bandcamp is one music site that provides downloads in FLAC and other lossless formats, so Quarkspace is now offering Drop at Bandcamp.

Quarkspace Drop is an All Music Guide Top Pick

Considering that Drop came out right after 9/11, we felt uncomfortable trying to sell it as a normal release, thus the reason for “selling” it for free. The All Music Guide rated Drop at 4.5 stars; giving it their “Top Album Pick” designation.

Quarkspace Drop

The album art for Quarkspace’s release, Drop. Painting by David Gulotta.

Musically, the album stands as our strongest to date, combining our typical stew of songs, spacey improvisations, and bits of psychedelic electronica.

The individual tracks from Drop have been downloaded and streamed millions of times since its release 11 years ago. Thank heavens our web host at the time paid no attention to our bandwidth stats for the first two years after Drop came out.

Quarkspace also on SoundCloud

Work continues on our next studio CD, called “All These Suns.” It might come out next year? Our singer-bassist, Chet Santia, lives in California now which makes it more difficult for him to help finish the album. Work continues as always, though.

Spacefolds 12, the latest in our collection of top rank improvisational material will see release by the end of this year. In the interim, check out a bunch of Quarkspace tracks, along with some from the Church of Hed and National Steam offshoot groups at our SoundCloud site.

As always, thanks for listening!