Sumburger Drive-In Is Chillicothe’s Top Burger Restaurant

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Chillicothe Ohio’s Sumburger Drive-In features the carhop service from the days of yore, similar to the more famous, Sonic. But unlike the national chain, Sumburger actually serves a great burger, with a unique mayo-based sauce similar to the one found at Elyria’s Midway Oh Boy Restaurant.

Sumburger Burger and Fries

A Sumburger and some fries makes for a tasty Southern Ohio lunch.

A trip to Chillicothe for lunch, followed by a jaunt to Urbana for a Crabill’s burger or five makes for a perfect Ohio burger joint day trip!

Sumburger’s Unique Ordering Options

In addition to the previously mentioned carhop service, Sumburger also offers sit down service with a unique phone-based ordering system. Each stall in the restaurant has a phone where you call into the kitchen to make your order. It’s another interesting touch that keeps foot traffic in the restaurant down to a minimum.

The Phone for Ordering at Sumburger Drive-In

You phone in your orders when dining at Sumburger.

The burgers themselves are fresh and juicy, highlighted nicely by the mayo-based sauce. Sumburger also features a pretty large menu typical of the American drive-in, but anytime we’ve visited it’s hard to stray from choosing a burger. They make Sumburger a worthy travel destination.

Make a plan to visit Chillicothe soon to check out Sumburger Drive-In. There are many great Ohio State Parks in the area as well to hike off your lunch!

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