The G&R Tavern Still Bringing their Famous Fried Bologna

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Some days, nothing satisfies the old gullet more than a fried bologna sandwich. And there’s probably not a more famous fried bologna sandwich than the one from Waldo Ohio’s G&R Tavern.

The G&R remains a place worthy of a visit time and time again. In fact, a lunch jaunt to Urbana’s Crabill’s Hamburgers, followed by an early dinner at the G&R makes for a day trip of Ohio roadfood fine dining!

G&R Fried Bologna Sandwich

The G&R Tavern’s Friend Bologna Sandwich looks almost like a cartoon character. Tastes better, though!

The Best Fried Bologna Sandwich in the USA

The G&R’s Fried Bologna Sandwich earned accolades from those in the national media with appearances on the Food Network, CBS TV, as well as some love from the ubiquitous, Al Roker.

Don’t visit the G&R expecting a thin slice of Oscar Meyer; this is a thick fried bologna sandwich! Make sure to order it with sweet pickles, onions and mustard. It’s the only way.

The Thick Fried Bologna Sandwich at the G&R Tavern

The fried bologna used at the G&R Tavern is thick!

Waldo Ohio is a small town right off of US 23 about 45 minutes north of Columbus. The G&R Tavern has held court in the center of this little burg for over 50 years.

The G&R Tavern in Waldo, Ohio

The G&R Tavern makes Waldo, Ohio a worthy road trip destination.

Frankly, writing this small article has made me truly hungry. (I think it’s those pictures of the fried bologna!) Make a plan to visit Waldo and the G&R Tavern very soon!

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