The Valkyrie Add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Rocks the iPad

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Back in the day, the legendary PC game, Privateer, allowed 20th Century gamers the chance to get out their inner Han Solo. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD provides the same experience for the iPad and iPhone. This is simply the best outer space flying sim going; featuring stunning graphics, an excellent storyline, as well as rock solid animation and action.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Screenshot

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD features some of the best graphics on the iPad.

This game is also currently priced for 99 cents at the App Store as well! (Note that GoF 2 is also available for Android and the Mac, but I haven’t tried either version.) I covered GoF 2 for Suite101 last year.

The Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Valkyrie Expansion Pack

The folks at Fishlabs, developers of the Galaxy on Fire series, have released two expansion packs for GoF 2 to date. Supernova, the most recent release, will be covered in a future article. Cue Wagner.

The Valkyrie add-on is a must buy for fans of GoF 2. Our snarky, intrepid hero, Keith Maxwell, is back with a new collection of missions that involve the thievery of an experimental Vossk spaceship, cool new weaponry, and some mysterious new characters. Fishlabs also improved the graphics textures, making space even that much more beautiful.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Map Screenshot

Explore the galaxies with Galaxy on Fire 2!

Note to the wise: the pirates in Valkyrie are much stronger than in the main game, so much sure your space combat skills are well-honed.

The smart gamer will pick up Galaxy on Fire 2 today for 99 cents, followed by both expansion packs available for one low in-app purchase. Considering its availability for both iOS and Android – this game belongs in the mobile gaming library of every science fiction fan.


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