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As most of the work performed by Makes Words Work is of a propietary nature for private clients, we've provided some public examples for your perusal.

Selected Writing Portfolio

Publisher, Editor, and Lead Writer for, an online resource for music technology, music software, and music apps.

Writer for the IBM Midsize Insider.

Author for InformationWeek, publishing report on Mobile Malware Prevention.

Writer for the Internet speed test company, BandwidthPlace.

Writer for BusinessBee, with advice for small businesses on technology and tools.

Writer for the backup and disaster recovery services company, StorageCraft.

Writer for the mobile software development company, Mutual Mobile, at their blog, The Push.

Paul Williams's Google+ page.

The Makes Words Work Blog featuring articles on gaming, tech, food, and music. has been on the internet for over 15 years. The original design was based on the premise of the then-current Yahoo design set in deep space. The current "simpler" design was a response to the cliched outer space/alien websites that proliferate the worldwide Spacerock community.

The site uses a simple XML-based storage scheme to hold album, review and photo data making site updates a breeze. It is a .NET 2.0 application; we've been patiently waiting for our webhoster to support version 3.5 of the .NET framework. The layout features a tableless, CSS-based design.

Published eBooks