Animoog Update Adds Audiobus Support, a 4-Track Recorder, and the Grateful Dead

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Moog’s latest update to their revolutionary Animoog synth app for the iPad contains three new features sure to please all tablet playing musicians. The new Animoog version 2.0.0 hit the App Store earlier this morning.

Animoog for Deadheads

Sure, cool new features like a note hold and scale lock are nice additions, but version 2 of Animoog is highlighted by three special innovations. First off is Audiobus support, allowing audio from Animoog to be routed in real time to other Audiobus compatible iOS apps.

Second is the inclusion of a 4-track recorder available for an in-app purchase of $4.99. The recorder allows songs to be imported from iTunes, while users can share finished tracks on SoundCloud. The 4-track is a great idea, but I probably won’t use it too much once Audiobus support is added to Beatmaker 2.


Animoog in action on the iPad. Copyright Moog Music Inc.

Finally, there is something that will make any Deadhead smile. A new timbre/preset pack based on the Grateful Dead’s performance at the Carousel Ballroom on February 14, 1968 is available as an in-app purchase. Wow. Hopefully, there is a good sample of a Pigpen growl to spin around the Animoog’s X-Y pad!

I haven’t tried out the Dead sound pack yet, but hopefully Santa will bring me a iTunes gift card so I can download it. Needless to say this Animoog update needs to be downloaded quickly by all current owners, and if you own an iPad, but not Animoog – well, what’s your problem?

2 comments for “Animoog Update Adds Audiobus Support, a 4-Track Recorder, and the Grateful Dead

  1. Nik
    December 20, 2012 at 9:08 PM

    The dead pack isn’t showing up in the store for me! I have been trying to find out what is up! It was there when I updated and went back to get it and it has been gone. Nothing and no one has responded to me about anything for this! I even sent moog an email. Damnit I am a fiend and want it NOW,

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