Writing About Big Data for the IBM Midsize Insider

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I recently began writing for the IBM Midsize Insider. My first article appeared yesterday, taking a look at the opportunities provided by that latest technology buzzword, Big Data.

Big Blue’s VP of Big Data Products, Anjul Bhambhri, also writes for DATAVERSITY. It was good to be able to leverage one of her blogs as it dovetailed nicely with the content of my Midsize Insider writing assignment.

Big Data + Analytics = Opportunity

In short, the analytical tools now on the market are able to wean valuable business information out of the mass of unstructured and semi-structured data that never really fit into a relational model.

Tools from IBM and other vendors allow companies big, medium, and small to do more with social media, incoming emails, and other formats. It is really a cool time to be a part of the industry – even when on the periphery in my rural office. I’m still a musician first, despite the lack of a living wage in spacerock!

Dawes Arboretum

Look at this scene from Ohio’s Dawes Arboretum and think.

By the end of the year, a new enterprise appears; one that combines music and writing. But this new enterprise won’t have any album reviews or concert photos. Stay tuned. Film at 11.


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