Data Virtualization and Data Modeling, Oh My!

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Two articles I recently wrote for DATAVERSITY were published this week. One covered the leading practitioners in the field of Data Virtualization, while the second took a look at a few of the top languages or frameworks used in data and information modeling.

Both make up important sections within the larger world of data management.

Data Virtualization Streamlining the View of Information

As the number of data sources multiply at medium to larger enterprises, it becomes a real pain to provide a reliable view of the actual information the data describes.

Data Virtualization helps the business user on the path to enlightenment.

Enter Data Virtualization.

Related to data integration and data federation, virtualization in short provides a singular view of data across a wide variety of disparate sources and systems. Physical layer complexities are hidden from the consumers of information. It makes business people happy!

Denodo is a leading company in this space, with a variety of solutions suitable for most companies.

The Abstract View of Information Modeling

Writing the Information Modeling article was especially fun. I love the visual abstraction of systems and data. Being a map-head, that’s not surprising. I enjoy using UML when I get the chance. The article also covers the seminal work of Charles Bachman and Peter Chen among others. Even that renaissance man, the island-dwelling James Martin gets a shout out.

Data and Information Modeling remain vital for the understanding of complex systems. So there!

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