TabMuse — a Site for Music App Reviews and More

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Just a quick note to announce that TabMuse, a new site I am developing primarily for iOS and Android music app reviews (well, there’s not much compelling in the world of Android music apps, but we’re trying!) is in a state of “soon-come.” Expect a full rollout within the next week or so.

TabMuse Logo

A cheesy TabMuse logo for you and you and you.

Music technology is obviously a love — I get to use it nearly every day with Quarkspace and Church of Hed — so focusing on writing in this area is a no-brainer for me. Hopefully the site will become another quality resource for those interested in music apps and more. Also expect some coverage of other music technology, especially desktop software and plug-ins, but tablet and smartphone apps are the focus of the site.

We’ll let you know when TabMuse is sporting content, but feel free to look at its skeleton in the meantime in honor of Halloween.

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