The Plaza Inn Features a Top Rank Lunch and Dinner Buffet

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Mount Victory, Ohio lies on the flat glaciated till plains of this Midwestern state. It is also home to the Plaza Inn, one of the best family restaurants we’ve found in our travels. Unpretentious and filled with a cadre of friendly locals, the Plaza Inn is a must visit, especially on the days when their lunch and dinner buffet features Alaskan Walleye.

We miss the place, and would love to find something as good here in the Bluegrass.

Alaskan Walleye and a Robust Menu

The Plaza Inn also features a robust menu, which makes it difficult to choose the buffet at times. Of course, that decision is made easier when walleye is on the docket.

Plaza Inn Buffet

A full plate from the Plaza Inn’s buffet, featuring Alaskan Walleye.

The home fries are also great, as the above photo illustrates. My wife ordered the Plaza Burger (as seen below) which features a mayo-based sauce similar to Chillicothe’s Sumburger or Elyria’s Midway Oh Boy restaurants; this is an apparent Ohio burger specialty.

Plaza Inn Restaurant Burger

A Plaza Burger and some fresh cut fries at the Plaza Inn.

I miss the endless horizons of Ohio’s western plains. If traveling on US 33 around Marysville, take a jaunt up Ohio Route 31 to Mount Victory and check out the Plaza Inn. It is truly a classic American Family Restaurant and worthy of a roadfood stop.

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